Lasto je náš syn! A jsme na něj hrdí!

AUTOR: Katy Cherry

Zig-Zag již mnoho let podporoval prostřednictvím adopce na dálku (Caritas) tohoto mladého nadějného muže.
Jmenuje se Lasto a na chlapce z chudých poměrů to dotáhl daleko. Úspěšně letos zakončil studia na univerzitě v Kampale.
Teď ho čeká úkol ještě těžší, najít práci! Lasto chce v budoucnu pomáhat dětem v nouzi, tak jak bylo pomoženo jemu… Velmi silně věří v Boha.
Děti, které nyní prostřednictvím Caritas podporujeme jsou Robert a Paul. Doufáme, že jejich osudy budou alespoň z části takové, jako je ten Lastův. Lastův dojemný příběh přímo z jeho pera přímo zde:

My name is Nabbunga Lasto from Uganda a country located in East Africa. I am 25 years of age.  I am a semi orphan child with only my mother-Kukiriza Julian. My father- Bbosa Samuel died in 2006 while approaching doing my final Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) exams. I have four brothers- Christopher, Moses, Fred and Tom as well as one sister- Robinah.  I have decided to write this piece of article for sincerely thank my beloved sponsors who have really transformed my life from being an insignificant and despair person to a very important person fully of hope and happiness.  My sincere appreciation specially goes to my beloved sponsor and now my Dad Pilecky Zdenek, my beloved Sister Katerina Pilecka and to all Zig-Zag members for the support extended to me through out my education until now.  Thank you for accepting me as your son. I can only say God bless you exceedingly and I am so proud of you!

I was born in a very poor family at a village called Kakira in Bamunanika Sub County located in Luwero District. I completed primary level in 2002 at Luteete mixed primary school. During the course of my primary education, things were not really simple on my side as far as school fees and scholastic materials were concerned. My parents were very block financially. They did not have enough money to pay school fees, buying books and pens as well as uniforms. In fact the life on my side both at home and at school was very miserable. I wanted so much to go to school but I could go today and teachers chase me back home because I had not paid money for school fees and other school related requirements. What is amazing is that I was not the only child at home who wanted school fees, we were around four! So the parents had to divide the little money they had in order to make us acquire education.  I completed my primary school in a life full of misery and at the end I struggled to pass with a second grade in Primary leaving Examination (PLE).

I enter St. Kalooli Lwanga Mulajje senior secondary school in 2003 with no hope that I was going to complete ‘o’ level. Remember I completed primary by chance! Now the costs in secondary school were very high and yet my parents had no money. In senior one, I could go to school and after school time, I went back home and start digging people’s garden at my village in order to raise some very little money to top up on my school fees because my parents could not raise full fees. My parents were peasants and remember they could only grow crops just for our own consumption.  Imagine I was very young but indirectly exposed to child labor in order to get some money for school!! When I think about that life, I feel like crying! Glory to God! It was in senior two that I got relieved of all the pain I was passing through before. Not only me but also my beloved parents were relieved too. Since I was bright in class and the fact that my background was very bad, I was selected among the many students to be sponsored by Zig-Zag dance group through Caritas Uganda. In fact I did not believe it at first because they told me that they were going to sponsor me until I would complete my studies!! I did not believe it because I asked myself “who really can do such a thing!?” It was my third term in senior two when I believed it!! I was taken for school uniform measurements, stopped me to pay school fees, buying myself books and all other school related materials! Wow!! That was the time when my life dramatically changed together with that of my family.  I stopped going back home and looking for digging jobs rather I concentrated in books. Each term I passed in the first position up to senior four. Unfortunately in November 2006 on Friday before starting my final exam on Monday, my daddy die and that really affected so much my final ‘o’ level performance because I passed with a second grade yet I wanted a first grade. But all in all, what I did was empowered by the frequent support I got from my sponsors.

Thereafter, I joined St. Kizito Katikamu Kisule senior secondary school for my ‘A’ level. This time round I changed the school environment because the previous school only stopped at ‘o’ level. This school now was a very big school and I was still being sponsored by Zig-Zag dance group and I was getting everything I needed. Really I lived a good life at this school. We were few students being sponsored by caritas Uganda in that school but I was elected by the Caritas District coordinator to represent those Caritas sponsored students at school and I was responsible for giving sponsors’ letters to these students. My life completely changed! My academic performance at ‘A’ level was very high and each term I was the one with the highest points. I was elected by the school administration and students as a students’ counselor and I could advise students in different areas of their lives. I also devoted my life to God and I could pray every time whenever I thought about the chance I got and what God had done in my life. At the end of the two years which make up ‘A’ level, I was the student with the best performance point that year during my final ‘A’ level exams. Because of those good points, I managed to secure an admission at Makerere University located in the capital city of Uganda Kampala.

At University, I was still under the help of my beloved sponsors and again every thing changed. Tuition and other requirements were very high but for me I could get every thing; tuition, accommodation and other necessities. I was given a course of Bachelors of Arts in Social Sciences majoring in Economics. Because I could get what I wanted, I managed to get a Second Class Honors- Upper Division at the end of my course. On the day of my graduation on 22nd/Jan/2013, my beloved sponsors still were on my side. They went as far as getting me a very good suite and trouser directly from Czech Republic!!! Really I felt a lot of happiness and they made my day because I was worried of what to put on on such a ceremonial day!!  After my degree, I did not stop there, I wanted to add on my degree and I decided to get some other diploma courses and I studied two online diplomas; Diploma in business management and Entrepreneurship and a Diploma in Human Resources from Alison.com. These two diplomas still were sponsored by my beloved daddy-Pilecky Zdenek, my sister-Katerina and all Zig-Zag members. May God bless them so much. These two diplomas were sent via post office from Ireland to Uganda. I also studied ten free online short certificate business courses from HP Life Initiative for Entrepreneurs.

Now I am sure one day I will get my dream job, but at the moment I am still looking for a job. In Uganda, it is very difficult to get a job because of some factors including high unemployment rate and the worst thing here is nepotism in labor market. But I believe that one day I will get a better job. What I am now, is a tireless effort and support provided by my beloved sponsors to see that I become a very significant person in the society and entire world. My dream and prayer is that when I get a job (money), I want so much to help other people in the society; that is why I want to start a ministry or a community based organization to help children and youths in need.  I have already given that organisation a name called Loving And Caring Friends Initiative Africa (LACAFIA) and I have already drafted a constitution and memorandum of association for it. I have also created a face book page for my dream organisation i.e. www.facebook.com/lacafia. More so I also yearn so much that one day I see my beloved sponsors face to face, at least now will be my greatest happiness to hug and share hands with my beloved sponsors who  have made me some body in the world. Still, I pray that I get a job and make my mother happy because I know for all her life; she has lived a life full of misery because right now she is in a very small poor constructed house.  Though I am happy but whenever I think about the life my mummy is in, tears come out of my eyes!

I can not forget to thank Caritas Uganda for the good work they are doing of helping the helpless people like me and others in many different aspects of life.

I also kindly request Zig-Zag dance group to continue doing their awesome job of helping us. Yes, for me I have reached at the top but there are many helpless kids, orphans, disabled and many on streets who really love so much help like this I have got. It is my cry to you dear all. Your help is our survival and hope!! Thanx for helping Paul Kyewalyanga and Robert Matabula. May God bless you so much, long live, long live, and long live!!!!!!

Nabbunga Lasto

Email: nabbungalasto123@gmail.com

Fb : www.facebook.com/lasto.muwanguzi