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ZZ Summer Dance Camp

Summer Dance Camp at Poslův Mlýn near Doksy!

Small lake with sand beach, several fire places, playgrounds, trampoline, golf course and much more!

Wooden dance floor for evening parties with bar. Accommodation for very nice prices – including the full board and live music on Friday evening!

 Video from last year HERE

Saturday June 29 – Saturday July 6

Camp Poslův Mlýn, Doksy

The price of the camp includes evening dancing and other social activities that are common to all participants. You can choose MORNING lesson regardless of track (TAP / LINDY) or level. The morning lessons are solo, including warm up, stretching, and focus on main topic, see below. Swing dancers registered in couple can choose morning lesson individually!
The “morning” lessons are NOT included in the price of the tap / lindy at INTERMEDIATE level. Therefore, this level is cheaper.
You can enjoy morning yoga or stretching before breakfast. No need to register for this or participate every day.

– INTERMEDIATE – If you attended our BEG classes from September – equals to cca 1 year of classes attended
– INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED – If you attended our B/I or INT classes – equals to cca 2 years of classes attended
– If you attended our I/A or ADV classes – equals to at least 3 years of classes attended
– ADVANCE + (invitational) – for very advanced dancers. This level is on invitation, but it will be also possible to join this level as result of audition.
If you attended classes in other studio and you are unsure, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you.
Please note there will be an AUDITION at the beginning of the camp so all swing dancers will be divided to the real levels of all participants.
Registration does not guarantee you will be in registred level! No reason to be stress out, we do our best to make sure levels are balances and offer plenty of great material.
INTERMEDIATE – if you tap at least 1 year
-INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED – for this level you should be dancing for at least 3 years.



All participants except tap and swing INTERMEDIATE can choose their MORNING LESSON no matter what the main lessons or level is. Swing dancers registred in couple can choose morning lesson individually, meaning you dont need to choose the same morning class!

– TERRY – JAZZ – for everyone who wants to work hard and wants to be able to kick high by the end of the week  🙂
– AKOS & NORA – BALBOA for I/A and higher– suitable for Balboa dancers with 2+ years of experience or 1 very intense year 
– BEN/ ROBYN – SOLO Rountine (SOLD OUT) – for tap and swing dancers, BEN and ROBYN will take turns
– FILIP – LOCOMOTION – Want to work on your physical condition? Filip is a personal trainer, you will work on your coordination, mobility, and strength. Finally, you will re-learn to move the way little kids do. Just do the locomotion! Suitable for everyone. More about Filip here.



To prepare your body for a day full of dancing, you should warm up and stretch each morning. Therefor we arranged for you chance of  morning yoga with Oli or stretching with Filip. These lessons are common to all and are OPTIONAL.
If you prefer to sleep longer in the morning, we recommend stretching at least shortly before your first lesson.



– 2-6 bed-rooms in buildings – shared entrance, showers and WC for couple rooms
– 2-4 bed-cottages (bunk beds) – shared WC and showers at the main building
– your own tent – shared WC and showers (camping fee applies as well)


Options are limited by the number of available places. Double rooms and cabins are the most limited, so please be ready for a possibility that in time of your registration it might not be available anymore.


More about Poslův Mlýn at their WEB page.



You or your friends are welcome to join us even without classes, be it for the whole week or for just couple days. Bring your friend, spouse, parents, or just anyone else along, doesn’t matter if they don’t dance. Everyone will be able to join the evening program free of charge with only exception of Friday evening with live music – entrance of 100 CZK will apply. Workshop participants will have this free of charge of course.
If you want to sleep outside or somewhere else, you don’t even have to register. If you want to sleep in the camp (on a bed) and/or join us for meals, send a registration form with “without classes” in the comment section.



– “Early Bird” price – for registrations (swing dancers registered in couple) and deposit payments till do 30.4.
This price is valid for TAP dancers or SWING dancers registered in couple!
– “Regular” 
price  – registrations (swing dancers without partner) and deposit payments till 28.5.
– “Last minute” 
price – for registrations and deposit payments till do 18.6.

If you register as single swing dancer, you always get REGULAR price.

Level: Advance payment due date: 30.4. 28.5. 18.6.
Tap / Swing 180 EUR 200 EUR 220 EUR
Tap / Swing INT excluding morning lessons! 120 EUR 132 EUR 144 EUR


NON-REFUNDABLE deposit  80 EUR is paid in advance by the specified date. The rest after your arrival to Summer Dance Camp. If you arrive later, you will be charged the full price for lessons. The price cannot be calculated only for part of the stay or for individual lessons. Thank you for your understanding!



– till 17.6. = deposit
– after 18.6. = 100% of workshop price
– 100% of T-shirt price
Before you cancel your participation we suggest trying selling your registration to someone else.



– BEDROOM – 285 CZK / person / night
– COTTAGE – 195 CZK / person / night
– YOUR OWN TENT / CARAVAN – 60-80-120 CZK / small or large tent or caravan / night + 50 CZK / person / night
– municipal fee 15 or 19 CZK / person / night  (tent or bed)


– FULL BOARD – 320 CZK (normal or vegetarian available)

Accommodation + full board + municipal will be paid in CZK ONLY in CASH upon arrival! If you dont stay for the full length of the camp, you can notify us beforehand to get reduced price, till 24.6. LATEST.



Price:  400 CZK
Check the design on our BLOG, when it’s available.
Payment in advance. It is only possible to order T-shirt before 1.5.


Terry Brock – jazz and tap
Ben R. Cook & Robyn Larsen (UK) – Lindy Hop, Charleston
Akos Bulyaki & Nora Agoston (HU) – Lindy Hop, Balboa
Filip Špůr – Locomotion and morning stretching
Oli Vítková – morning yoga
and of course Zig-Zag teachers





If you still want to participate please message us to monika@zig-zag.cz

Looking forward to seeing you!


VIDEO 2018:

ZZ Summer Dance Camp 2018

Sweet summer memories …. by Matej Tresnak 😀

Zveřejnil(a) Zig-Zag Dance studio dne Pátek 17. srpna 2018

ZZ Summer Dance Camp 2018

Sweet summer memories …. by Matej Tresnak 😀

Zveřejnil(a) Zig-Zag Dance studio dne Pátek 17. srpna 2018

VIDEO 2017:

Letní taneční škola 2017

Venku je hnusně….. Tak si alespoň můžete zavzpomínat, jak to vypadalo na ZZ summer campu na začátku července 2017…

Zveřejnil(a) Zig-Zag Dance studio dne Pátek 11. srpna 2017

VIDEO 2015:

VIDEO 2014:


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