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Tap Dance was evolving in slavery areas from 18th century, mostly in major cities where Irish tap and “African tap” met. Between 1950 – 1955, tap dance was one of the mainstream dances in the USA that was featured in many performances, shows, movies, etc., professional dancers were hired for numerous Vaudeville shows which toured the whole country. Such wide exposure cross-influenced both tap and other dances.
Tap goes along with jazz music, which still is probably the most appropriate, both styles evolved together. It is also possible to dance a cappella.
Tap classes follow Zig-Zag methodology developed over 20 years of teaching and working with international teachers.
BEGINNERS – lessons are designated to anyone, has no age limit and no prior dance experience is required. Lessons focus on basics of tap and simple variations, attendants are introduced to rhythm and musical structure, learn traditional routine Shim Sham Shimmy.
INTERMEDIATE – lessons follow the beginners classes, develop more sophisticated technique, more complex steps and variations, introduces more traditional choruses like BS Chorus or Walk Around.