If you have seen swing dance party or tap jam once you surely fell in love with tap and swing! Just as we did! Dance styles of 20' - 60' are our hobby as well as profession. We work on our own dance techniques but also our pedagogical skills and all we know we would like to give you at our classes. Our classes are taught mainly in czech language but if we have student in the class who doesnt speak czech we are ok to teach bilingual (CZ+EN).


LINDY HOP (swing)

Lindy Hop is a dance named after Charles Lidbergh's flight (hop) over the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. Dance evolved on the streets of Harlem, New York in late 1920s and 30s and was danced to contemporary swing music. Lindy Hop combines elements of both couple and solo dances, uses dance moves and improvisation so characteristic for african (or african-american) dances just as well as partnered elements copied from European dancing.

Tap Routines

Dedicated to advanced dancers, you will learn some easier and some more complex tap routines with an opportunity to perform them at festivals, parties, workshops etc.

Street Kids / Street Teens

New dance classes in Prague 7 – introduction to street dance.


Balboa was created in the ballroom on Balboa Island in Southern California and was danced as early as 1915. It is usually danced in very close hold and thanks to tiny steps you can "shuffle" to songs as fast as 300 BPM or more.


Tap Dance was evolving in slavery areas from 18th century, mostly in major cities where Irish tap and "African tap" met. Between 1950 – 1955, tap dance was one of the mainstream dances in the USA that was featured in many performances, shows, movies, etc.


Program for building and maintaining your physical and dance abilities. This is an OPEN LEVEL class - anyone can join in!


Lessons are focused on basic gymnastic elements and their use in partnered moves and aerials for Lindy Hop. This is an OPEN LEVEL class, even complete beginners may join in.


Classes for kids who like rhythm, like to move, dance, would like to learn tap dancing and likewise. This may be ideal before joining "adult classes".


Swing for kids is a dance course in the style of dances from 1920s-50s. Kids learn some solo jazz steps, variations, and some traditional swing routines like Shim Sham Shimmy.