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Can’t Sleep? Get Some Read!

Can’t sleep? Here is couple of links that I find worth visiting (in chronological order from the newest added). I do not necessarily agree with all opinions bellow, however. 😉



Kevin and Jo believe that the old saying “practice makes perfect” can be improved upon by applying a small variation, “perfect practice makes perfect.” If you practice something wrong 1,000 times, you’ll be really good and doing it incorrectly. So take the time you need to practice the material correctly.The number one thing that all top level dancers share is training.

iLindy will allow you to progress at the speed of your success. However, it is not a replacement for practice. This website is a reference tool of information that can speed up the learning process by providing proven dance techniques and lindy hop moves in an efficient format.


Easter Monday – changes in schedules

Easter Monday classes are going to be canceled – but sure you can make up that class in another course. The Monday social dance is still going to be held but earlier, already at 20:00.

And here are all the changes till the end of season that we know about (again, you can make up those classes):


– 17.4. (Monday), classes canceled, social dance from 20:00,
– 1.5. (Monday), classes canceled, social dance from 20:00,
– 8.5. (and again Monday), that’s enough, no changes! 😉

Tap routines

Vážení stepaři, rádi bychom Vás pozvali na stepařské lekce „tap routines“ tanečního studia Zig-Zag.

Od 2.pololetí, tedy od začátku února, začínáme vyučovat nové choreografie, především „Jimmi’s Blues“ (soft shoe), ale také některé tradiční, jako „Honey Coles Stroll“ (walk around na skladbu A Train).

Registrace a další info na

(Not only) Swing Playlist

They are back and on Spotify. Why Spotify?


– greater than great number of swing tunes,
– even with its drawbacks is still easy to use,
– it’s easy to create and share playlist.


Happy listening and dancing. 🙂

SWING for beginners, starts in February! :)

We would like to invite you to our new courses of Swing for beginners, starting in February.



Electro Swing River

If you have not at least heard about electro swing, you may be living in another world. This ground-shaking phenomenon brought new dancers to classes both in Czech Republic and abroad.
Big shout-out goes to Martin Juráček aka DJ Mackie Messer and his ELECTRO SWING RIVER project which connects both scenes and shows electro people “the other (swing) side”. We’ve been part of it since 2014 with regular appearances, performances, swing classes, and playing swing tunes for crowds.


Behind the scene photo from SWING KIDS. Did you know that this legendary movie was shot also in Prague? And did you know that this famous scene does not happen in Lucerna (which most of the people thinks) but in Musical Theatre Karlin? And did you know that boss of our dance studio Zdenek Pilecky cooperated with the filmmakers and also danced in this scene? How amazing is that! 🙂

swing kids


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