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Solo Charleston (more advanced)

Klára is back from Charleston! And she brought along some pretty darn good tricks. Expect tempos yet faster and creations yet crazier than you could ever imagine!


LEVEL will not be set as too hard but you should know at least some basis of Solo Charleston (20s’). For instance the previous 4-week special on Charleston will be sufficient. Lectures will be lead by Klára Hutečková.


ATTENTION! These are not our regular classes; therefore you cannot substitute here from other classes nor the other way.


Fb event



2.-23.11. 2017
Thursdays, 18:00-19:00
60-minute lectures


Liberál Café
Heřmanova 6, Prague


PRICE OF WORKSHOP (4 classes):
800,- early bird
900,- at door
It is not possible to pay single classes.


Couple charleston for more advanced