Can’t Sleep? Get Some Read!

AUTOR: stepan

Can’t sleep? Here is couple of links that I find worth visiting (in chronological order from the newest added). I do not necessarily agree with all opinions bellow, however. ­čśë


Dance Communities and Time Travel (19.4.2018)


3 Behaviors of Women That Drive Away Male Dancers (16.3.2018)


Peter Loggins – On Replicating the Past Versus Innovating: The Emerging Debate in the Swing Dance Scene (22.2.2018)


Why I Hate Dancing With You (16.2.2018)


Nick Williams on Competing and Judging (19.1.2018)


Love Your DJ (8.1.2018)


Dear Dance Teachers: Please Stop Sexualizing Your Students (28.7.2017)


Why Leading Is Not More Difficult Than Following, and How To Make It True (21. 7. 2017)


Annie Trudeau on Competing and Judging (27. 6. 2017)


Autor knihy Opravdov├Ż gentleman Bernhard Roetzel: Jen m├íloco v lidech bud├ş takovou nen├ívist jako oble─Źen├ş (16. 5. 2017)


Why Does Lindy Hop Has 6 AND 8 Counts? (3. 5. 2017)


Should Pros Social Dance? (3. 5. 2017)


What Is This Thing, Called Swing? (3. 5. 2017)